Safe Step / Rambler started to work in the field of footwear in the early 50’s. It is a purely Greek company that started focusing mainly on men’s footwear. The modern needs of the era and everyday life led to the creation of a new model, a modern company, which will now deal with the anatomic shoe innovating in the field of footwear. Until then, the anatomic shoe was aimed at older people with chronic and serious leg problems. The needs of everyday life require a long, every day and laborious job, with the result that more and more people feel the need to protect their feet from their tedious and tiring daily routine. Safe Step, distinguishing the gap in the anatomic shoe space, has innovated by creating and manufacturing forms combining comfortable gait with the fashion of the era. We started selling our products in pharmacies and orthopedic footwear stores and we have nowadays been able to deliver our products to more than 300 disposal points in 15 different countries. Our goal in our longstanding presence in the field of anatomic footwear has been and remains to offer a product that targets all ages for prevention, combined with comfortable walking, exceptional quality and above all the trust we want to build from Our company’s partner up to the consumer.